I would text Marion at 10pm at night and she would reply. Even on the nights of my surgeries Marion would ring me to check on me!

I found Marion’s details on the internet as I searched local surgeons in in my area and decided to go for a consultation at Kingston Hospital. I was wanting liposuction on my love handles as for years they had bothered me, they affected me everyday and never seemed to go however much weight I lost or exercise I done. My loves handles were wider than the rest of my frame and my upper thighs were bulky for my frame.

I am in my 30’s a size 10 and go to the gym 5 times a week. People would tell me I was mad that I wanted liposuction and some days I would agree but deep down I was never fully confident in myself due to the weight I carried on my upper hips. When I went to meet Marion she did say…you want liposuction and was quite amazed and I said when I take my top up you will see and see did she agreed that that was a area that could be treated. This wasn’t my first experience at plastic surgery as I had my breasts lifted and enlarged 7 years ago so I knew what to expect, however straight away I felt I was in the right hands.

I felt as ease with Marion - friendly, caring and lovely are the best way to describe her. She never rushed me in fact I was rushing to get booked in however I had to wait and I finally booked in and had my operation. The day came of my operation March 2016 and I was nervous however again Marion made me feel at ease. I woke up a few hours later and stayed the night, that night Marion came to my room to check on me and helped me to the bathroom and changed my bandages. The next day I went home with painkillers and returned for check ups, on my second check up it was obvious that one of my flanks were larger than the other and my left thigh had a little dip from to much fat taken. Marion was amazing and booked me in for April 2017 and again she was amazing came to visit me and answered all my questions. I had to have a fat transfer from my back to fill the lump on my thigh as we needed more fat. I was not charged for any of this the second time round. After the second surgery the result was much better and I’ve just had my 6 month check up, I still have some swelling however my thigh is fine and will not need further work done to it.

My right flank is still swollen slightly and I have to go back in a year to evaluate this. My experience with Marion has been amazing, I have been with a major company who advertise on the TV and you are just a number to them. Marion gave me 1st class service and I was in direct contact with her, I would text Marion at 10pm at night and she would reply. Even on the nights of my surgeries Marion would ring me to check on me. Little gestures like this go along way when your feeling rough and unsure. I can’t thank her enough I feel so much better in myself and am hoping the swelling goes down soon. I would recommend Marion to my friends and family and anyone who is thinking of plastic surgery. I will need my Breasts redone one day and I will only trust her to do this.

So if you want a surgeon you can trust, that appreciates your custom and will listen to your targets and help you reach her then please go and have a consultation with Marion. Marion thank you for being so welcoming and helping gain my confidence back.

S.S. – Liposuction on Flanks & Thighs & Fat Transfer

Worcester Park, Surrey - Apr, 2017

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