A Good Outcome

I was impressed with the medical care that I received for elected upper eyelid surgery. I chose
to have this surgery because I was increasingly unhappy about the appearance of my upper
eyelids which had a lot of unsightly folds of excess skin. My daughter is to get married in
summer 2018 and this gave me the incentive that I needed to actually bite the bullet and do
something about it. The thought of mother of the bride wedding photos was not a happy one!
Marion carefully explained to me at my consultation any risks that might be involved and
also what I would look like immediately after the operation. I received great care and Marion
was also both equally personable and inspiring of confidence. I could not in fact have
received better care and also follow-up care. I was not nervous during the operation which I
had under local anaesthetic because I chose to have it and having made this choice I felt there
was not much point in being nervous. My eyes look much better and now three months later
there is little sign that I undertook this procedure. I look forward now to my daughter's
wedding and will not feel I have to shy away from the camera!

M.K. – Upper Eyelid Surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty)

Guildford - May, 2018

© Copyright Ms Marion Grob, MRCS (Eng), MRCS (Ed), MD (Plast), EBOPRAS, FÄ (Plast) Ger.

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