Marion ‘thank You’ Xx

Having considered this operation for more than 15 years, I really now don’t understand why I didn’t just do it all those years ago.
I am 8 weeks post op, and everything went exactly as Marion said it would do... I was extremely well cared for pre, during and post surgery. Within four days I had literally no discomfort at all, and actually the discomfort I did experience was not due to the breast augmentation, it was my reaction to the anaesthetic and the drip placed in my hand.
But most importantly the results... wow, wow, wow! I have transitioned from a very flat A to a lovely 34C ... I wore my first bikini with pride just a few weeks after the operation, I literally love the outcome and would highly recommend anyone suffering with self-image over their breasts to seriously consider having the operation, and most definitely with Marion and her husband Mark. They make an incredible team, they take extremely good care of you throughout the entire journey, and in a very personal, genuine and sincere matter.
I was always a person who prided myself of being natural, and still do, but am glad I managed to overcome the limiting belief that I couldn’t still be ‘natural’ even with this operation, it looks totally natural, so natural that nobody has actually challenged or questioned me on it. I am truly so grateful for this new lease of life that my new boobies have given me, am over the moon with the results and literally cannot thank you Marion enough for giving me everything I asked for... the results are exactly as I desired.

J.H. – Breast Augmentation

Guildford - May, 2019

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