Thank you for changing my life

"Before my operation my breasts were so large and heavy that they caused me severe neck, shoulder and back pain. So much so, that I was on painkillers and nerve inhibitors. I couldn’t function as a ‘normal” person.

I found simple tasks like walking caused me pain. Not only was I in pain, but due to the size of my breasts I would get cysts and infections underneath them. Not only was it impacting on my life, but also on that of my daughter.

Since my breast reduction I can now stand up straight without a stop and am no longer in any pain.

I can now walk and move around without being out of breath. I now feel and look ‘normal’ – before, I felt self-conscious and out of proportion.

I feel now I have a new lease of life and now the excess pressure on my heart and lungs has gone I will probably have a longer one.

I felt Ms. Grob was very friendly and both my mother and I felt very comfortable with her. She explained all I needed to know and things I had already been told by other doctors, in a way that didn’t make me feel I was trying to be frightened away from having this operation.

All the care I received at the hospital I felt was exceptional.

In summary, I thank Ms. Grob for giving me my life back and I look forward to when I am fully healed to be able to pick up my child and live a fulfilling life with her.

Thank you for changing my life!"

K.G. - Breast Reduction

West Sussex - Nov, 2012

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